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bigpreview_Lubeck - Germany
Lubeck, Germany

Is this not the most beautiful city you have seen?  I think it is gorgeous. Has anyone got any hot tips for visiting Germany? Please don’t tell me to ‘speak German’.  Languages were never my strong point (although I can do a mean, ‘I can speak Cantonese I know what you are saying’, and ‘I love my English text book’ in Chinese…but I doubt these will come in handy).

2 thoughts on “The first stop…

    Adrian Hirst said:
    February 18, 2014 at 5:55 pm

    Tips for visiting Lubeck:
    1. If you like marzipan you’ll be in heaven at Niederegger shop.
    2. Check the hotel pillow for Niederegger products before you go to sleep. It can get messy if you don’t.

    Tips for visiting Germany
    1. Go to a German resteraunt, you can’t find many of these outside Germany. The Germans will want to go to an Italian resteraunt, you can find these anywhere in the world.
    2. Don’t cross the road when the light is red.
    3. Take a drive down an Autobahn

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