Goodbye Sydney…Hello Germany!

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Wow time has really flown! Tomorrow I’m getting on a plane to start my professional development journey through Europe. Although I am excited to go, those with children will know just how hard it is to leave them…so I’m a tad anxious about leaving all three of them for three weeks!

Spare a thought for my saint-like hubby who will be left to get up an hour before everyone, pack lunches, unstack the dishwasher, load the laundry, pack school bags, make breakfast, get the baby ready (twice probably, as he loves to vomit just as you try to leave the house), brush 3 children’s teeth, do 2 x girls hair (and of course school photo’s are on while I’m gone…that should be interesting!), and then get them off to a mixture of school and day care…and then go to work…only do it all again in the afternoon.

Hmm…sounds tiring just writing it all down!

Love you all xx




One thought on “Goodbye Sydney…Hello Germany!

    jane said:
    March 25, 2014 at 9:41 pm

    Hubby will really appreciate you when you get back! Mine did all that when I went to AIHCe on Air met trip…and he met me in Perth with the girls for a cousins 30th!!!
    Enjoy the rest 😉

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