Hamburg Adventures

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So now I realise that what I thought was cold yesterday, was actually a nice spring day…because today was freezing! I thought if I went for a run outside I might literally die from the wind chill…so I found a treadmill at the hotel and went for a run, so I wouldn’t feel so guilty about eating all the fabulous pastries I keep walking past. As I should have guessed…the treadmill only spoke German…so I’m just going to assume it was telling me I did a good job!


Then I was out bright and early to go for a walk this morning to find a café for breakfast. I had visions of enjoying a nice cappuccino alongside some German fare…only to be greeted by a bitter 1C cold, and the realisation that nothing except Starbucks opens until 9am. I couldn’t bring myself to go there again…so I found a German equivalent of Starbucks…which is absolutely identical…except everything is in German. Apart from not being able to read anything on the menu, the coffee was great!

Upon realising that it was near impossible to be outside for more than 10 minutes, my plans of going on a walking tour of Hamburg were quickly replaced by me hunting out a warm museum. I went to the BallinStadt, which is the Emigration Museum, which takes you through the lives of the more than 5-million European emigrants who left Europe via Hamburg…mainly to the USA. My grandparents emigrated from the Ukraine to Australia via Germany…although I doubt it was through Hamburg (history…or remembering a historical event is not a key strength of mine!)…nonetheless it was amazing! As it turns out, hygiene was important then too.

IMG_2445 - Copy

And for a double-bonus I finally got my German fare from the museum café…lentils with sausages and herring in potato salad…score!

006 - Copy

After the museum I braved the train system and didn’t get lost. To celebrate this, I hit the shops as the second warm thing I knew I could do. On the way I walked past this gorgeous building. Now had I gone on the walking tour I could have told you what this building was. As it stands I have no idea…but it’s gorgeous! Let’s face it…I don’t make a great travel guide.

IMG_2448 - Copy

Overall it was a great day…I leave Hamburg tomorrow and travel by train to Luebeck. Fingers crossed my luck with not getting lost on public transport won’t run out!

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