En Route to Luebeck

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Stage 2 of the tour of Germany involved getting to Luebeck. Before leaving Hamburg however, I needed to go for a swim as I knew you’d be disappointed in me if I didn’t blog about it. It’s a tough life but someone has to do it I guess. It was rough, but you’d be glad to hear I survived.

pool 001

I’m celebrating today as I managed to find the train station, the right platform, and the right carriage to take me to Luebeck. I did end up sitting in someone else’s reserved seat on the train…but that’s not too bad considering how bad it could have turned out!

IMG_2452 - Copy

I also managed to find the most useful invention I’ve seen for a while. Here are my new gloves that both keep my hands warm AND that I can use my iPhone with. Now I have seen it all.


There is a downside in travelling by yourself, in that it can be a bit lonely. On the plus side, when I got to the hotel I got two peices of marzipan to myself! I have a feeling that I’m going to love Luebeck.

IMG_2456 - Copy

In preparation for 2 weeks of intense travelling and excitement, I decided to use the rest of my travel day for laundry. Here are the instructions I was greeted with on the wall. Simple right? 20 minutes later I was very thankful that a kind bilingual stranger walked in. Now that I have clean clothes…the world is my oyster. Or perhaps, given the menu’s I have seen lately, ‘the world is my herring’.


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