Lovely Lübeck

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I am a bit overwhelmed today at the hospitality that Drager have shown me. They have gone out of their way to make sure that I have the best experience out of this trip, which is entirely unexpected. I was all ready to sit in the hotel last night and chow down on a pretzel, when Matt from Drager called me and took me out into the city for some German fare. He then gave me a guided tour of the city today…which is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen.

IMG_2462 - Copy




I’m a bit of a church fan, which meant I was in luck today. The amount of care and attention to detail was amazing.



I even got to hang with the devil for a few minutes. The story goes that when the first stones of St Mary’s church were laid, the devil believed that the building would be a wine bar. He liked the idea, because many souls had already found their way to him after frequently visiting such a place. So he mixed with the crowd and started to help the workers. No wonder that the building grew higher and higher amazingly fast. But one day the devil had to realise that the building would be a church. Full of anger he grabbed a huge boulder to smash the walls, when a bold fellow shouted at him, “Just stop it, Mr Devil…leave what has already been created! For you we will build a wine bar just here in the neighbourhood”. The devil was happy, and dropped the boulder beside the wall, where it is still lying to this day. Just opposite the church the workers built the wine celler of the town hall…and here is me with Mr. Devil!

IMG_2495 - Copy

Pretty soon after a fair bit of walking, it was time for a sausage. As expected the sausages are awesome!

IMG_2498 - Copy

Matt then took me around the town to explore the sights. As it turns out, not all Germans are tall. Take a look at this entrance into a courtyard of houses.


After a few hours of walking, we hit the road to visit some local wildlife. Luckily for me, Matt drives in style. I admit that it was hard to go from the Barina to the Alfa Romeo, but somehow I managed to push through it. Even better was that we went on the autobahn!



Then at the end, these guys were waiting for me to say hello.




This fantastic day ended with a lovely dinner at Schiffergesellschaft. Try saying that three times fast.


…almost impossible when a standard beer is double the size of your head!


A very big thank you goes to Matt for putting up with me all day and showing me around such a lovely town!




2 thoughts on “Lovely Lübeck

    Garry G said:
    April 2, 2014 at 6:34 am

    Ah, Kate, you are reminding me of the Drager hospitality I enjoyed during a visit to Lubeck in ’92. I too thought ( and still do ) it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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