London for the day

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This was the view I had last night for some pre-dinenr drinks. I tried to think up a link between going for cocktails at the Shard and occupational hygiene, but I couldn’t think of any. The thought process was also hampered by the cocktails. You win some, you lose some!

Faced with a free day in London, I did what I figured young people do. I went shopping. It was tough, but I managed to pull through it. After mastering the tube (which I consider to include just not getting lost), I figured that Piccadilly was the place to be.


In the afternoon my wonderful cousin, who abandoned her home country around 10 years ago (not that we are counting), treated me for a walk through Hyde Park and an introduction to slalom. As tempting as it was to do something where the probability of breaking a bone was high, I decided to film it instead.

Overall a terrific relaxing day, perfect for gearing up for the next phase of the trip, the BOHS Conference in Nottingham.

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