Delving deep into Bayesian Statistics

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So the British Occupational Hygiene Society Conference (BOHS14) kicked off today, and I spent it listening to two #hygienegods, Dr Perry Logan and Dr Paul Hewett, about practical applications for bayesian statistics. Normally the word “statistics” will send some people running, but this was one of the most engaging professional development sessions I have been to in a long time!

I learnt about using bayesian statistics to interpret and make decisions on hygiene data. If you have ever heard an occupational hygienist tell you what the 95% upper confidence limit was and were left feeling slightly puzzled and bemused by what they were trying to tell you, then bayesian statistics might be a good place to start. Using that method, occupational hygienists can determine (with a percentage probability) what category the exposure may fall into, which basically determines the urgency and degree of control measures that may be needed to reduce exposure to the worker. It’s a nice simplified way of handling a very complicated topic of “what do I do with all this data“?

Thanks to Perry and Paul for kicking off BOHS14 with a bang!

baysean stats


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    […] honestly don’t know too much about it, other than if Perry Logan (#hygienegod) is involved, I know it’s going to be good. Perry presented at the […]

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