Can’t stand the heat (stress)?

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While it’s not very hot where I am in my part of Australia, it’s still important to stay vigilant on the issue of thermal heat stress. It’s regularly over 30C in the far north of the country, it’s still pretty warm underground, and there are still people working alongside boilers and other pieces of machinery that liberate heat, so the issue doesn’t go away, just because we are heading into winter unfortunately.

Luckily, the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH) have just released an update to the most comprehensive publication on managing heat stress in this country: “A guide to managing heat stress: developed for use in the Australian environment (2013)”.

That document provides guidance in two parts:

1.  the first, a brief summary of the approach written for interested parties with a non-technical background, and

2.  the second, a more comprehensive set of documentation for the occupational health practitioner.

You can get your very own copy by downloading the order form here and sending it to

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