Young Hygienist Snapshot: Simon Thomas

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Simon is an occupational hygiene advisor at the Mobil Altona Refinery in Victoria. He is a graduate of Deakin University (Graduate Diploma of Occupational Hygiene), a Full Member of the AIOH and has just enrolled to study a Master of Applied Science course also at Deakin. If you are lucky enough to get to any AIOH events in Victoria, you will likely get to meet Simon as he is also the Victorian State Liaison Officer (SLO) for the AIOH.

Here is 5-mins with Simon:

Best location I have worked: My current work place – Mobil Altona Refinery

The best thing about my job is: The cross-functional nature of the profession where interactions with management to workers on the shop floor are commonplace.

Career Highlight: Becoming the Victorian State Liaison Officer for the AIOH and receiving my Full Membership from the AIOH.

If you want to be an Occupational Hygienist, you’d better get used to: Public speaking! Being able to explain technical information in a way that all people can understand.

People normally think my job involves: When I first started in the profession someone asked me once if I was the guy who filled up the liquid soap in the bathroom soap dispensers! I found that quite amusing and I occasionally bring that up in presentations to new groups of people as to what my job DOESN’T involve!

 The worst thing I’ve been asked to do was: Nothing really springs to mind, as all areas of occupational hygiene that I have been involved in are special and rewarding in their own way. Probably the least favourite and my no means worst part of my job however, has been talking to groups of angry workers on different occasions who believe they have been exposed to a particular health hazard. This is also one of the challenges of my profession, although it is a satisfying feeling knowing you have helped get the right information out there and hopefully put their minds at ease after an open discussion.

simon thomasGraduation Photo

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