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I’m in the USA getting ready to attend the Future Leaders Institute (FLI) hosted by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA). Unlike when I went to the UK alone, this time the entire family is with me, so it has been an action packed two weeks so far!

After the long-haul plane ride, which is probably as bad as you can imagine with an 18-month old in tow, we arrived into LAX jet-lagged, tired, and ready to sleep. Unfortunately it was only the morning, so we got in a car, and drove a few hours into the desert town of Palm Springs…and it was beautiful! It was hot, the architecture was amazing, and we had a swimming pool. It was 37C at around 9pm at night, which was perfect because that’s when we were awake and swimming in the pool!

IMG_3132 - Copy

We followed Palm Springs with a day-trip to Santa Monica, where we visited the famous Pier and watched the sun-set – lush!

IMG_3218 - Copy

We then braved another 6-hour flight, which was once again challenging with the baby – there is only so much Wiggles that a grown up can take before it starts to send you batty!! But once we made it to the East Coast, everything settled back down. Turns out Lachie (the baby) is a big city kind of guy. We all drove down to Pennsylvania to visit family and to take in the Fall leaves – beautiful!

111014 434

After much family-time and much Pierogi-eating, we headed over to Hoboken, New Jersey for a few days. Hoboken has to be our all-time favourite place to visit. Hubby and I lived there for 3 years when we were first married and we loved every minute of it. Only a stone’s throw from Manhattan, with the world at your feet, it’s a beautiful city, with some of the best views in the world.

IMG_3247 - CopyIMG_3262 - Copy

As part of our perpetual quest to ensure that our children take up some sort of STEM career, we took them to the Liberty Science Center. Although we spend the best part of the day there, we only managed to see around half of it. There was a great exhibit to teach kids where oil comes from and to let them build their own hydrocarbon molecule. Despite many attempts though, the configuration didn’t let me make a benzene molecule which was a bit dissapointing…where’s the fun unless you can make a carcinogen I say!

IMG_3282 - CopyIMG_3284

It’s been a great trip so far and I still have a week before I go down to Arlington, VA for FLI…so I can’t wait to see what else we can get up to before then. It’s prime pumpkin pie eating season at the moment, so I’m sure it will be good!

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