Getting ready to meet some #hygienegods at #AIHAFLI

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On Sunday I’m making the treck from Pennsylvania down to Virginia for the AIHA’s Future Leaders Institute (FLI) program.

I honestly don’t know too much about it, other than if Perry Logan (#hygienegod) is involved, I know it’s going to be good. Perry presented at the AIOH Conference in Sydney last year about FLI. He spoke about leadership, and the fact that occupational hygienists need to be able to communicate and interact with a wide spectrum of people effectively.

You see, occupational hygiene is both an art and a science. You could be the best in the world at measuring and assessing exposure to a certain chemical, but if you can’t change a bad situation, or “positively influence and effect change” then, all of your good work will go to waste, and ultimately there was no point to it.

The FLI (as I understand it) focusses on individual and organisational leadership which includes things like: personality assessments (which I assume will just tell me how awesome I am, surely!); understanding different styles, building leadership foundation elements; the fundamentals of teamwork; strengthening professional organisations; leadership in technology; and creating a compelling future together.

It all sounds great to me! But apart from looking forward to being a part of FLI, I’m also secretly looking forward to sitting in a room full of occupational hygienists and not having to explain what I do for a living!


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