The Canary Prize…it could be yours!

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The Canary is a prize offered by the AIOH and sponsored by Scott Safety. It gathers ideas on the topic of, “What is Occupational Hygiene”  or “What does an Occupational Hygienist do?”  or “What can an occupational hygienist do for your workers and the company’s bottom line?”

I mean if there was ever a profession that suffered an identity crisis it would be ours! The AIOH CANARY is all about Communicating Awareness – a New Approach Representing us on YouTube. It involves creating a short video (less than 5-minutes) that helps answer these questions. The video might be entirely video footage, or it might be a cartoon, a narrated series of photographs or drawings – the possibilities are endless!

Entrants upload their video to YouTube and then promote it through social media using the hashtags #TheCanary and #Occupationalhygiene. Don’t worry if you are a social media novice, and the idea of twitter sends you into a twit, the Communications Committee at the AIOH are eager and willing to help you. Uploading a video and promoting it through social media is the easy part – they just need your submissions!

The Canary aims to raise the profile of our profession by raising awareness through social media, and on the new-look AIOH website.  If you think you have the best answer to the questions posed…and a video camera, then you could win yourself The AIOH CANARY.

The winner of The AIOH CANARY receives a generous financial support for attendance at AIOH educational programs and seminars that are run throughout 2015. The winner will be announced at the 2014 AIOH Conference by the newly elected AIOH President for 2015 and be presented with a trophy by a representative from Scott Safety.

Entries are now open for all members (Student, Associate, Provisional, Full and Fellow) and close on November 14th, 2014 (note: Deadline extended!)…so get your video cameras out and get rolling!

Further Details
Eligibility: Any financial members (eg: student, associate, full or fellow), regardless of membership grade are eligible to apply for the award. Although the video can be produced by multiple persons, the award application can only be made in one person’s name. Only one entry per video is allowed.
All entries must be the original work of the Entrants, not contain any copyrighted materials, and not contain any inappropriate content. The applicant must obtain approval from other persons photographed or filmed in the video (where used) for their permission for the video to be used on social media as explained within this document.
Although encouraged, the applicant does not need to be physically present at the 2014 AIOH Conference to receive the award.
By submitting an entry, applicants acknowledge that their submission will become the property of the AIOH and may be promoted by the AIOH on their website and other forms of social media.
Members of the judging panel are ineligible, as are members of the AIOH Council and the Awards and Sponsorship Committee.
The Application Process
Applications close November 14th, 2014. The application process involves the following steps:
Create a short video that helps to raise the profile of Occupational Hygiene. The video must not be longer than 5- minutes. Preference is given to interesting content rather than video length or professional quality. You may choose one single element of occupational hygiene to focus on, or look at its impact on businesses in Australia, or what a job as an Occupational Hygienist involves. All of these elements help raise the profile of the Profession.
Include either the Scott Safety logo or a Scott Safety product in the video.
Entrants upload their submission to YouTube. The AIOH website and the hashtags #TheCanary#Occupationalhygiene must be placed in the description section when uploading the video to YouTube.
Entrants promote the video on Twitter via tweeting a link to their YouTube video using the hashtags #TheCanary#Occupationalhygiene
Entrants email a completed copy of the application form along with the link to the YouTube video to by no later than November 14th,2014. Click here for the application form.
Good Luck!

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