FLI Graduate Insights – Brandon Reese

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A total of 35 people went through the AIHA’s Future Leaders Institute FLI this past month. That’s 35 opportunities to tell the story on what it’s about, and how valuable developing those leadership “soft skills” are to an otherwise very technical profession.

Brandon Reese was one of those people. Brandon is somewhat of an honorary Australian, given that he worked in Perth servicing remote mines in WA and beyond for some time, and he has graciously offered his insights on what it was like for him:

“An important part of the work of an Occupational Hygienist is to be a leader in their own way.  This facilitates the ultimate goal of protecting worker health by having the skills and tools to influence other leaders to make the right decisions”

Attending FLI was a great opportunity to meet with a diverse group of individuals from different, industries, cultures, and backgrounds.  One might wonder how you can teach everyone to be a leader given that they are so different.  But we have one thing in common, we all work toward protecting worker health and elimination workplace illness.

People who attend FLI are more likely interested if not somewhat pre-disposed to being a leader, so it’s a great time to network and learn from other professionals who could be contributors to the profession one day.

In order to help us on our quests to be leaders, we were provided tools, concepts, and theory which we can take back to our workplaces and develop. 

The AIHA for me has been the backbone and support for my professional quest.  Because they have a learning focus, I continue to learn long after graduation. None of this is possible without the generous contribution of individuals and organization who share a common value of protecting worker health. As such a special thank you goes to the sponsors.

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