Welcome to #AIOH2014

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The Annual AIOH Conference has kicked off with a bang with the Continuing Education Sessions (CES) today. As with all Conferences, the first thing I love to do is to check out the Conference App to see what’s on. This year the AIOH2014 app features a “Click Game”.  The game started at 7am this morning and runs until Thursday afternoon. It involves you taking photos and posting them to the app to match a certain description provided. Eg: “You and a Colleague”, which was pretty easy ..

…and “Group Hug”…

But some are a little harder, such as “Your doppleganger” or “An exhibitor you’ve never met”.  So far the Click Game has consumed both Kristy and I (well slightly more Kristy!) but it has been a lot of fun and a great excuse to meet new delegates which we have not met before. It’s also a nice way to freshen things up and keep the conference new and exciting…if this is the start of it, I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Tomorrow I’m learning about Principles of Occupational Hygiene at Hazardous Material Emergencies and Risk-based control from naturally occuring radioactive materials (NORM) in QLD mining…can’t wait!

Now on to find a photo of someone doing a hand stand…darn Click Game!


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