Young Hygienist Snapshot: Brandon Reese [INTERNATIONAL EDITION!]

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I was lucky enough to meet Brandon at AIHA’s FLI program in October. Brandon has a Bachelor’s degree in Science with an emphasis in Industrial Hygiene from Utah State University. Brandon is somewhat of an honorary Australian as he spent 3 years working in Perth and travelling out to various gold mines across Australia – how awesome is that! He now works in Nevada and manages the Safety and Health Management System on a large mine site. Here is 5-mins with Brandon:

Best location I have worked: Without a doubt Australia!  I loved working in Perth for a multinational mining company as the Regional Industrial Hygienist for three years.  My responsibilities not only meant that I worked in Australia, but also Papua New Guinea, Zambia, Saudi Arabia, and occasionally Tanzania.

The best thing about my job is: I have a specific and valuable set of skills that not many, and sometimes no one else has in my immediate sphere of influence.  I feel valued and relied upon in order to protect the health of the employees.  The specific part that I like most about my job is the control part of my work.  Whether its helping to design ventilation systems, or ensuring the correct personal protective equipment is available it satisfying to know that the culmination of the work is a reduction in risk for employees.

Career Highlight: Playing a part in the implementation of a sustainable industrial hygiene system for ten mine sites in a region, where one previously did not exist.

If you want to be an Occupational Hygienist, you’d better get used to: Speaking, interacting, and developing relationships with people across the organization.  From senior leaders, to ground level employees an occupational hygienist needs to work with everyone.

People normally think my job involves: Cleaning large industrial toilets :-(.  Which is why we (Americans) need to call it Occupational Hygiene, and not Industrial Hygiene!

The best thing I’ve been asked to do was: Volunteer to help my professional association define the strategic direction for the next few years.

The worst thing I’ve been asked to do was: I really don’t recall being asked to do anything bad!



brandon reece


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