AIOH2014 – The Wrap Up

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Well the AIOH conference is over for another year. We have had a week for the dust to settle and heads to recover. Melbourne put on a great event, but I don’t think my body could have handled another night of social events. I need at least a year to recover – bring on #AIOH2015!

The CES sessions kicked off on Saturday. I attended the session “Strategies to get attention on your safety message.” The session covered a range of ways to communicate your safety message including taking the technical information and message and comparing it to activities people do every day, which I am sure some of us as hygienists find hard to do since we tend to focus on the technical aspects. It was a good session to reinforce the importance of getting your message across in a way that appeals to your audience.

On Sunday I attended a CES on “Minimising and Managing Fatigue in the Workplace”. Fatigue is such an area of interest at the moment, in particular on sites working long hours and 24-hr shifts. The presenter, Paula, was really insightful with her knowledge and passion for fatigue management and the importance of monitoring and managing fatigue and fatigue related risks in the workplace. The thought provoking aspect of this session was that we “the hygienists and safety professionals” are often the ones working the long hours (getting to work early and leaving late) and we may be more at risk of fatigue than the workers we are trying to protect.

The official conference proceedings were just as exciting. We were treated to sessions by John Henshaw and Dr Mike Brandt among others. The lessons learnt and knowledge passed on in these sessions is always a treat and I look forward to what next year will bring. The concurrent sessions were just as exciting, and I found it hard to choose who I wanted to see more with competing sessions running alongside each other. The presentations by students based on their major projects were great and I would encourage anyone currently completing a university Project to present your findings next year. The international guests were amazing and it was great to hear of challenges they are facing overseas are not too dissimilar to ours.

The social events were the star of the show as usual. AES kicked things off with the welcome drinks with the flashing shot glasses which somehow always find themselves in my cupboard at home. This was followed by a great welcome dinner where it was nice to catch up with people I hadn’t seen since the last conference. The 3M night followed with the usual frivolity and outrageous costumes. A great night was had by all in attendance and although my table wasn’t great with the trivia, we made for it with the dance moves later on. The social calendar wouldn’t be complete without the awards night, and what a night it was. Great food and company with highly deserving award winners. Congratulations to all the winners!

So that’s a wrap for this year. I’m looking forward to the Conference next year which will be in Perth, where hopefully (if it is even possible), things will be even bigger and better and we can all catch up on the past year and our adventures over a few (quiet) drinks.



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