Mmwhaaa Goodbye!

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It’s been a while between posts. It’s been a nice break, but I have missed you my blog!

2014 was a great year. Over 730 people started following this blog from over 20 different countries (and counting). I learnt a lot from the Draeger Award trip, from the AIHA’s Future Leaders Institute, and from pulling together the numerous Young Hygienist Snapshots that were published each week. I also learnt that participating in the Color Run was hazardous to my health. But probably the biggest thing I learnt though in writing this blog over the course of a year, was how supportive the community of occupational hygienists are, both in Australia, and internationally. I received many emails, tweets, messages, and comments of encouragement and thanks from numerous hygienists to thank me for taking the time to write it all down.

It’s all sounding very warm and fuzzy at the moment, as though writing this blog was akin to moonbeams and lollipops, but in reality, writing a blog takes planning, time, dedication, and more dedication….and did I mention time? Time is one of those things that is pretty elusive for me normally, but given all the things I’d like to focus on this year, such time is really not there in 2015. But despair not, because this blog was really never about me anyway. I started it to be about the awesome career that I, and thousands of others, have…and about promoting it. So in reality, the blog can live on without me, but it needs a new Young Hygienist to run it.

Luckily, there are many awesomely talented Young Hygienists out there, so I have no doubt that the blog will only rise to bigger and better things than I was able to take it too.

So who is the new Young Hygienist who will run this blog? Well I’ll have to let her introduce herself to you in the next post.

Bye for now!





One thought on “Mmwhaaa Goodbye!

    Jane said:
    February 4, 2015 at 12:13 pm

    Thanks Kate for your leadership and dedication to this over the last 12+ months.

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