Why would you wear that? PART 1

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Respiratory Protection in Asia – What’s the Deal?

Okay, so I have been working in Asia long enough now to recognise that many people of the general public and workers get around wearing makeshift respiratory protection.

So I asked one of my Lao colleagues “what are those things people wear on their faces”? She simply replied “masks”.

So when you try to protect yourself from “bad air” in Asia what do you use? Well I have observed three typical methods that include:

1.    Wearing a medical “mask”


2.   Wearing a “designer mask” purchased at the local village


3.    My personal favorite – Covering your mouth and nose with your hand

Respiratory Protection2

Apparently the last method is quite effective when riding a motorbike!

Firstly I have to acknowledge the willingness of the Asian population to wear some form of protection in an attempt to stop them from breathing in all the bad stuff that fills the air. A cultural characteristic I rarely witness in Australia!

However and with all due respect I do have some concern regarding the “masks” I have witnessed in use, particularly as the general perception is they will protect against dusts, chemicals and other biological hazards.

So what’s the big deal and why would I be blogging about this?  Well, to reduce harm to persons requires controls to be implemented.  Firstly, no control will be bullet proof unless the hazard is eliminated.  Secondly, to actually know if a control will work (or not) requires an understanding of its limitations.

This 5 part blogging series aims to promote awareness of the limitations of controlling exposure to “dirty air” in Asia when using the three methods described above.  Tune in tomorrow for Part 2 to learn if we actually do need protecting!


PART 2 – Do we actually need protecting?

PART 3 – How will a mask protect me?

3 thoughts on “Why would you wear that? PART 1

    […] so Part 1 of this series introduced you to “masks” I have observed to be used in Asia to protect against […]

    […] PART 1  – Whats the deal? […]

    […] PART 1  – Whats the deal? […]

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