Celebrating #distractinglysexy posts of the Week!

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Lab Caution

As a tribute to all the Women Scientist’s out there, we here at the younghygienist.com loved all of the #distractinglysexy posts in response to biochemist Tim Hunt’s comments regarding the “trouble with girls” in laboratories.

So what #distractinglysexy work happened across the globe this week?

Geeky Girl Engineer looked #distractinglysexy in her Level A PPE.

It’s not just @AmyRemeikis who’s glad that Curie managed to take a break from crying to discover radium and polonium!


Meanwhile,  Kristy Thornton @ktworkrestplay shows us how to be a distractingly sexy #occupationalhygienist while working at a contaminated land remediation site

And Kate Cole @katecole111 is making all the boys fall in love with her #impossibletogetanyworkdone

One thought on “Celebrating #distractinglysexy posts of the Week!

    zaneoriginal said:
    June 22, 2015 at 2:22 pm

    The guy made an off-hand comment in a foreign country that was meant to be ironic and as a result lost his job and is being socially ostracized.

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