Month: February 2016

Young Hygienist Snapshot: Mark Reggers

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Wow blast from the past! Sometimes life gets in the way of a good blog…and that’s the only excuse I have for being so tardy when showcasing the fabulous hygienists of the world. Please forgive the time between posts…and welcome the first young hygienist snapshot of 2016 – Mark Reggers.

Mark first came across Occupational Hygiene through his role as an Account Manager at Protector Alsafe selling safety equipment and training in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. He was always more interested in the reasons why and how a certain level of PPE was determined as a suitable control measure for the customers he was dealing with, so we went to the AIOH 5 day Basic Principles Course to help him to assist customers in good hygiene practice and to be able to identify situations when they should engage a hygienist. Mark enjoyed this course so much he enrolled in a Graduate Certificate in Occupational Hygiene through the University of Wollongong in 2012. After a few subjects though he was hooked and continued his studies to complete a Masters degree and pursue a career in Occupational Hygiene. After graduation, he was fortunate enough to be able to transfer across to Greencap (sister company of Protector Alsafe) in April 2015 to start his career in Occupational Hygiene as a consultant and he hasn’t looked back! So here is 5-minutes with Mark:

Best location I have worked: No one location stands out but just the variety of different industries and workplaces is amazing. Being able to going behind the scenes at these workplaces is always interesting.

The best thing about my job is: The variety of work as no 2 days are the same. One day you will be dust monitoring then the next noise assessments then asbestos clearance certificates. Also not being stuck behind a desk in an office and getting out and about is great.

Career Highlight: Being so new into my Hygiene career after choosing a career change I would have to say getting my first job in Occupational Hygiene after completing my studies in 2014. Also attending my first AIOH Conference in Perth and meeting other people who get excited over dust as well. I was told was great they are and I wasn’t disappointed.

If you want to be an Occupational Hygienist, you’d better get used to: Early starts on sites, some long days, as well as explaining what you are doing and why.

People normally think my job involves: Hand washing and toilet cleaning.

The best thing I’ve been asked to do was: Dust sampling where they make chocolate food products. Tastiest dust sampling I will probably ever do.

The worst thing I’ve been asked to do was: There hasn’t been anything that bad yet, but you never know what the next job will be. It wasn’t a Hygiene job but I was helping our Environment team undertake Groundwater monitoring. Wandering around a landfill site in shoulder height grass in 40 degree heat for 10 hours wasn’t the most fun of days.