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Instagram of the Week!

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This week’s instagram has been brought to you by Pete Aspinall AKA @insta_aspis

If that’s the bucket imagine how big the dragline is!

Well hello, who are you?

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Custodian of the #younghygienist blog! Well I cannot guarantee I will be as funny, however I will exhaust all effort to be as enlightening as our #hygienegodintraining Kate Cole!

I would like to congratulate Kate on all that she has achieved with the blog during 2014, in particular promoting the Occupational Hygiene profession. Big shoes to fill you think? Yes, I think so!

So who am I then? I am Holly Fletcher and yes, you guessed it I am also a #younghygienist in my mid thirties. Those who know me would say I get slightly excited about all things Occupational Hygiene!

It’s hard to believe that I grew up on a sheep and cattle farm in a small farming town by the name of walcha in Northern NSW, Australia. As a child I am pretty sure I wanted to be a pop singer and by the time I reached secondary school, I was sure I wanted to be the physiotherapist for the Australian Rugby team thewallabies

I don’t know much, but one thing I do know, sometimes things don’t always work out as you expect it!

Now people will ask “how did you get “into” hygiene”? As much as I would love to say that my dad had a consulting hygienist to assist him to control workers exposure to agricultural chemicals, dusts, noise and in particular biological health hazards, and that occupational hygienist inspired me to pursue the same career path, unfortunately that is not my reality.

My story is similar to the majority of other hygienists I meet i.e. I was introduced to this career by introduction to another hygienist. Lucky for me I was inspired by a fantastic #younghygienist with a huge amount of energy and passion for her job. One day I ask her what “all the numbers meant”?  In more or less words she explained how her team performed sampling activities to collect “the numbers” which she would then use to make decisions regarding risk for purposes of protectingworkerhealth.

Like most others I really didn’t understand the whole numbers bit, however I did accompany her in the field to perform sampling and that’s when I knew what I wanted to do when I grew up!

That’s when I enrolled and completed a Masters of Occupational Hygiene Practice OHP at the UoW and now I do understand the whole numbers bit!

These days, although relatively early in my career as a #younghygienist I have had some amazing experiences working with inspirational #hygienegods in some incredible locations in Australia, the United Arab Emirates and now in Laos, where I am currently working.

My intention of becoming the custodian of the #younghygienist blog for 2015 is for one reason only. That is to promote the occupational hygiene profession, not only in Australia, but globally. I don’t doubt my story about how I came to be an occupational hygienist is unique in any way; it just presents the question “how many other occupational hygienists are out there that don’t know it yet”?

In 2015 the #younghygienist blog will showcase occupationalhygiene as a career to promote the profession so we can be successful in protecting worker health.


Holly Fletcher and Kate Cole – AIOH2013

Mmwhaaa Goodbye!

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It’s been a while between posts. It’s been a nice break, but I have missed you my blog!

2014 was a great year. Over 730 people started following this blog from over 20 different countries (and counting). I learnt a lot from the Draeger Award trip, from the AIHA’s Future Leaders Institute, and from pulling together the numerous Young Hygienist Snapshots that were published each week. I also learnt that participating in the Color Run was hazardous to my health. But probably the biggest thing I learnt though in writing this blog over the course of a year, was how supportive the community of occupational hygienists are, both in Australia, and internationally. I received many emails, tweets, messages, and comments of encouragement and thanks from numerous hygienists to thank me for taking the time to write it all down.

It’s all sounding very warm and fuzzy at the moment, as though writing this blog was akin to moonbeams and lollipops, but in reality, writing a blog takes planning, time, dedication, and more dedication….and did I mention time? Time is one of those things that is pretty elusive for me normally, but given all the things I’d like to focus on this year, such time is really not there in 2015. But despair not, because this blog was really never about me anyway. I started it to be about the awesome career that I, and thousands of others, have…and about promoting it. So in reality, the blog can live on without me, but it needs a new Young Hygienist to run it.

Luckily, there are many awesomely talented Young Hygienists out there, so I have no doubt that the blog will only rise to bigger and better things than I was able to take it too.

So who is the new Young Hygienist who will run this blog? Well I’ll have to let her introduce herself to you in the next post.

Bye for now!





Instagram of the Week

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I don’t often blog about what I do day-to-day myself, as the whole aim of this blog was to raise awareness of what occupational hygienists do as a group…rather than just me. I had such a great week last week though, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for some shameless self promotion…so here I am with the Managing Director of Thiess accepting the coveted MD’s Blue Blood Award!

I started with Thiess more than 15 years ago as an Engineer and gradually turned into an Occupational Hygienist. I am very fortunate to work for such a great company doing what I love to do, so it was very humbling to be recognised and rewarded for it.

…also a bonus for me was that someone took a photo of me whilst not wearing high-vis…finally!


Instagram of the Week!

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This week’s Instagram of the Week is brought to you by the new President and Council of the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS).

I don’t know what I’m more impressed with – the fact that I can name at least half of them…or the fact that it’s a bright sunny day in England!


Instagram of the Week

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This weeks Instagram is brought to you all the way from NASA!

Hygienists get to work in some pretty awesome places, but I think this one takes the cake so far. Carter, we are very jealous!

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Not a bad view for the week. #nasa #vab #ksc

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