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Hello Hamburg

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OK so I think I’ve been awake now for 39 hours straight (not that I’m counting of course) so forgive me if my post has any spelling mistakes!

The flight was AMAZING! After flying Qantas all these years I had forgotten what it’s like to get your own TV to yourself so you can choose what to watch…and have food that doesn’t involve an omelette of some kind…and nice hostesses! An ever bigger bonus was that Emirates gave me an exit row seat…big pluses all round.

I got to my Fab hotel known as ‘SIDE’ in Hamburg and I was roaming around my new home for the next two days looking for the toilet. Seriously – a good 5 minutes it took me to figure out that this was the toilet…sleep deprevation may have contributed to this…but in fairness it looked like a shelf to me!


In an attempt to stay awake long enough until it’s a respectable time to go to sleep (which from last count I had 2 hours to go!), I have been roaming the streets of Hamburg. I am going to make some very general sweeping generalisations of what I have seen in the past 2 hours to describe this city:

a)      Everyone is gorgeous and tall. What is it with the German gene pool that everyone looks so amazing? (mental note to self to put make up on tomorrow when venturing out of the hotel!)

b)      Although I’m sure most people speak English…the general consensus is they don’t want to. They also don’t like putting the English translation underneath the German text on a menu. Lucky I found a buffet!

c)       Hamburg reminds me of Boston – gorgeous architecture, windy roads, and lovely cobble stone streets.

IMG_2429 - Copy

d)      They know how to shop. At the very top of a department store (Myer on steroids) they have a Veuve Clicquot champagne bar. It’s like they knew I was coming. Unfortunately although it was 1am in Sydney, it was 3pm here (which I figured was a tad early to break open a glass of bubbles by yourself!)

810 - Copy

e)     …and lastly it’s cold. Very cold. I went out in a jumper and a scarf…lasted 5 minutes and then ran back in & put my jacket over the top. Sure I had difficulty in putting my arms by my side…but I could feel them at least so I figured that was the better option.

So I have one more day in this gorgeous city, and I can’t wait to explore it on the other side of 8-hours sleep. Hopefully tomorrow I might also find a good coffee!

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Goodbye Sydney…Hello Germany!

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Wow time has really flown! Tomorrow I’m getting on a plane to start my professional development journey through Europe. Although I am excited to go, those with children will know just how hard it is to leave them…so I’m a tad anxious about leaving all three of them for three weeks!

Spare a thought for my saint-like hubby who will be left to get up an hour before everyone, pack lunches, unstack the dishwasher, load the laundry, pack school bags, make breakfast, get the baby ready (twice probably, as he loves to vomit just as you try to leave the house), brush 3 children’s teeth, do 2 x girls hair (and of course school photo’s are on while I’m gone…that should be interesting!), and then get them off to a mixture of school and day care…and then go to work…only do it all again in the afternoon.

Hmm…sounds tiring just writing it all down!

Love you all xx




Nottingham, UK

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Sherwood Forest,Robin Hood Statue. - Picture of Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire
This photo of Sherwood Forest is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Apart from the compulsory visit to Sherwood Forest, this great city seems to have a lot on offer…Apparently Nottingham is one of six dedicated Science Cities. I wonder what this means exactly. Can I use acronyms in regular conversation? Do they precisely measure the volume of a medium cappuccino with no sugar to the nearest ml and is the quality repeatable on a daily basis? Do kids at school not have to learn Humanities? Do they run around on electric-powered Segways? Sounds like a wonderful place to me. I am even more excited now.

The first stop…

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bigpreview_Lubeck - Germany
Lubeck, Germany

Is this not the most beautiful city you have seen?  I think it is gorgeous. Has anyone got any hot tips for visiting Germany? Please don’t tell me to ‘speak German’.  Languages were never my strong point (although I can do a mean, ‘I can speak Cantonese I know what you are saying’, and ‘I love my English text book’ in Chinese…but I doubt these will come in handy).