Occupational health on contaminated sites #EcoForum

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If contaminated land or groundwater remediation gets you excited, then you shouldn’t miss attending EcoForum. It’s a broad-based environment conference, which is being held at Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast on Wednesday through Friday this week. I have worked in this industry since I was a graduate, and it still interests me, some 15 years later! What’s even more interesting is when you start to talk about occupational health and hygiene in the remediation industry….the mind blows!

It’s a pretty unique space to be in, as typically you have somewhat of a limited view of what’s actually going on in ground below you, other than what a remedial sampling investigation has estimated. This is made even more complex when you not only have to consider protecting the health of the environment and the surrounding community while you are doing the work, but also making sure that you protect the workers involved in the process at the same time.

This year EcoForum is hosting it’s first conference session dedicated to Occupational Hygiene in the remediation industry, which shows how important it is to this sector. With speakers from 3M, Enviropacific, Thiess and Active Environmental Solutions (who are also sponsoring), it’s sure to be a great session.

Interested? You can get more info here. Hope to see you there!


Instagram of the Week

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I don’t often blog about what I do day-to-day myself, as the whole aim of this blog was to raise awareness of what occupational hygienists do as a group…rather than just me. I had such a great week last week though, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for some shameless self promotion…so here I am with the Managing Director of Thiess accepting the coveted MD’s Blue Blood Award!

I started with Thiess more than 15 years ago as an Engineer and gradually turned into an Occupational Hygienist. I am very fortunate to work for such a great company doing what I love to do, so it was very humbling to be recognised and rewarded for it.

…also a bonus for me was that someone took a photo of me whilst not wearing high-vis…finally!